The Different Types of ThermiRF -

The Different Types of ThermiRF

Posted on September 11, 2020 under Body Procedures, Breast Procedures, Facial Procedures, Non-Invasive, Plastic Surgery, ThermiRF

Many people have a difficult time dealing with the look of their aging skin. These flaws can come in the form of too many wrinkles, general sagging of the skin, and even double chins. Some have dealt with these problems for years and have tried many at-home treatments, but have not had satisfactory results. Others have wanted to try Botox or surgery, but are too afraid of these somewhat invasive operations.

An alternative that not many people know about is a procedure called ThermiRF. This procedure allows you to be as at ease as possible and will also offer a variety of solutions rather than just one fix. If you’re worried about invasive procedures or surgery when looking for solutions to get rid of those flaws in your skin, ThermiRF could be a viable solution for you. Results may vary, but ThermiFR typically lasts much longer than the other ant-aging solutions.

Below you will find a guide for ThermiRF procedures that will allow you to make an informed decision on this anti-aging solution.

What Exactly Is ThermiRF?

ThermiRF uses radio signals to make small alterations in your skin. Your provider will apply an anesthetic to whatever section of skin you desire to be tightened or smoothed. The radio signals are electrical currents that are controlled by the surgeon and are used to increase collagen production in your skin. The collagen is able to repair broken-down skin cells and therefore is able to sculpt and tighten the skin.

The electrical currents have a certain heat level to them, but most patients have said they feel little to no pain during the process. The surgeon can even check the temperature levels by checking the thermal camera. This allows them to get a perfect temperature for the radio frequencies so that little to no pain will be present. A surgeon should also be able to see if the procedure has reached its optimal performance level. This will tell the surgeon when to stop the radio frequencies.

The Different Types of ThermiRF

There are five different types ThermiRF offered at Patrick L. Basile, M.D Plastic Surgery and Wellness. Each of the machines focuses on a different skin problem or need to remedy. Discussing your needs with a board-certified specialist is the best way to figure out which treatment is right for you.


Specially created for sagging breasts, ThermiBreast is an innovative treatment that uses radio frequency to help the production of collagen, and can lift your breasts 1 to 2 inches. The procedure can be performed in under one hour, and it is advised to take one week of downtime in order for your body to recover.


The ThermiRase machine focuses on relaxing the muscles known to cause wrinkling in order to provide a smoother appearance. It produces similar results to Botox. The process takes about half an hour, requires about a week of downtime, and results will last between one and two years.


ThermiSmooth increases the production of collagen, which aids in decreasing the number of wrinkles about the face and neck. The process takes only 10 minutes for each treatment. You may have several treatments after the first until your surgeon feels the desired results have been reached. You can expect full results to be seen with three to six months post-treatment.


This type of treatment gets rid of extra fat underneath the skin and tightens the skin, and can address these issues around the face and neck. The ThermiTight procedure works by incrementally heating the tissue and increasing the production of collagen. Results can be seen almost immediately and last for between three and five years. There is no downtime required following this procedure.


For women who struggle with vaginal laxity or looseness, ThermiVa is the treatment plan for you. Results last for up till 12 months, and there is no downtime or discomfort associated.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Typically, you will want to avoid ThermiRF if you have a medical skin condition, an infection, or if you are currently pregnant. However, if you need an alternative to invasive surgery and would like longer-lasting results, ThermiRF could be a viable solution for you.

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