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Do you want a breast lift without the complex surgery and downtime? ThermiBreast is a minimally-invasive surgery that can lift your moderately sagging breasts and restore a youthful look.

About ThermiBreast

ThermiBreast is a breakthrough technology that can fix your lax skin causing sagging breasts without scarring and downtime.

Am I a good candidate?

Candidates for this procedure are typically seeking a 1-2-inch lift to their breast, which is a small to moderate lift for small or medium sized breasts. It is not recommended for patients who have undergone breast augmentation and provides best lifting results for those with natural breasts. Candidates must be in good health and a non-smoker to undergo this procedure.

How is a ThermiBreast procedure performed?

ThermiBreast is a heating technique that uses radio frequency energy to help your body produce new collagen. Your treatment will require a handful of small needle incisions around the nipple. The thermal energy will then tighten the underlying fibers within the breast. The procedure can be completed in under one hour.

Results and Recovery

Within the first week, you can expect some bruising and swelling while the breast heals. You will have minimal scarring and downtime after this first week and can expect to return to work directly prior.

Frequently Asked Questions about ThermiBreast

Your Consultation in Jacksonville, Florida

If you have sagging and laxity and you wish to turn back the clock without the surgery and downtime, contact Dr. Basile in Jacksonville, Florida today to schedule your consultation!

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