Brachioplasty in Jacksonville | Upper Arm Lift in Florida

Does the skin around your arms sag because of excess skin? Dr. Basile can help you get tighter, more toned arms with an upper arm lift.

About Brachioplasty

A Brachioplasty is a procedure that removes loose skin and fat underneath your arm between your upper armpit and elbow. With a Brachioplasty, you can feel comfortable raising your arms without lax, hanging skin.

Am I a good candidate?

If you have laxity underneath your bicep, you may be a candidate for an upper arm lift. This laxity can be caused by significant weight loss or aging. Smokers and those with certain medical conditions may have increased risk of complications and therefore cannot be considered for this type of procedure.

How is a Brachioplasty procedure performed?

Dr. Basile will first evaluate your arms and decide if additional fat must be removed in addition to removal and tightening of the skin. If so, your Brachioplasty may also be coupled with liposuction. A standard procedure begins with general anesthesia followed by incisions within the armpits or along the inside of your upper arm in the least inconspicuous areas depending on your case. The excess skin and fat will then be removed and Dr. Basile will then smooth and tighten your arm to complete the procedure.

Results and Recovery

Scarring from a Brachioplasty will vary, but the standard is typically from the armpit to your elbow. A conversation with Dr. Basile can help you better understand what you can expect from your procedure and results as not are procedures are alike. One to two weeks are standard for recovery before returning to work and six-week for normal activities and exercising.

Your consultation in Jacksonville, Florida

Dr. Basile ensures that your procedure is tailored to help you reach your aesthetic goals. Schedule your consultation with him today in Jacksonville, Florida to see if an upper arm lift is right for you!

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