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Do you have trouble spots of fat throughout your body that you wish you could shift to another area of your body? Dr. Basile is a board-certified plastic surgeon who can help you achieve this wish by using your own fat to enhance your breasts!

About Breast Fat Transfer

Fat transfer to the breast uses Liposuction to transfer unwanted fat from the stomach, hips, and thighs to your breasts. This method may be favorable if your goal is to have a subtle enhancement that has a natural look and feel. Advantages of a fat transfer breast augmentation include no possibility of a rupture or hardening of a breast implant, no need for maintenance, no incisions, and the reduction of fat in the area of the body it was transferred from.

Am I a good candidate?

Fat transfer breast augmentations are a great procedure for candidates with additional fat volume. For those that are very slim, a fat transfer is not possible as there must be enough body fat to be processed and used for the transfer. Ideal candidates must also be non-smokers and in good health to undergo this procedure.

How is a Breast Fat Transfer procedure performed?

The fat transfer procedure consists of two procedures performed simultaneously. Dr. Basile will begin with Liposuction which uses a tiny “cannula” or small needle to loosen and remove body fat from the desired area. This fat is then processed and prepared to be harvested to a new area. The small percentage of transferred fat that can be used after it is processed is then inserted into the breast in various locations with small needles. The site of the original Liposuction procedure, as well as the newly sized breast, is then recontoured and positioned to fit naturally with the body.

Results and Recovery

A fat transfer is generally less strenuous on the body, therefore, recovery time can be quicker than traditional breast augmentation with implants. Your initial recovery will last up to three days and swelling or bruising will subside within the next few weeks. Depending on your procedure, you may take a few weeks or a few months to return to physical activity.

Your Consultation in Jacksonville, Florida

To see if Breast Fat Transfer is right for your breast augmentation, contact Dr. Basile and schedule your consultation in Jacksonville, Florida today!

Frequently Asked Questions

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