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Almost everyone has received a vaccine or flu shot at some point in their life. These types of injections are known as IM injections and are used in a variety of necessary circumstances.

What Are IM Injections?

IM injections, which stand for intramuscular injections, are medication administration methods that use a fine needle to put medicine directly into the muscle tissue. The nonsurgical treatment is often used to help the medicine absorb quickly into the bloodstream. It may also be necessary for certain medicines that will only work best when put into the muscle.

What Are the Benefits of IM Injections?

Other types of medicinal delivery methods, such as intravenous injections or oral medications, may not be as beneficial as an IM injection in certain situations. For example, an intramuscular shot may be used if a proper vein cannot be located, the digestive system would eliminate the effectiveness of a pill, or a drug may irritate blood vessels. Additionally, the tissue in the deltoid muscle (shoulder muscle, the typical injection point) can hold more medications than other fatty tissue would.

What Are the Risks of Getting An IM Injection?

While there are usually very few side effects to an IM injection, there are a few risks that you should be aware of. Sometimes, an intramuscular injection can cause bleeding, bruising, numbness, or infection. Contact your doctor if you begin to experience a lump or swelling at the injection site, or develop a cough or fever. Call 911 or get help immediately if you start experiencing shortness of breath or notice swelling in your mouth, lips, or face.

Where Can An IM Injection Be Administered On the Body?

There are four main sites on the body where an IM injection is usually administered. The middle thigh, the hip, the upper arm muscle, or the buttocks are common sites of vaccine administration. The use of a specific injection site will be dependent on factors such as age, muscle development, and type of medicine. Your provider will best determine which injection site is appropriate for your situation.

The discomfort or pain felt during vaccinations often depends on the experience of the person administering intramuscular injections, as well as the necessary size of the needle and type of medication being injected. It’s well known that some injections cause more widespread or severe side effects than others, but with a good intramuscular injection technique, they can be almost painless. That’s why we provide vaccine services at Dr. Basile’s practice because we know the proper injection techniques, such as pulling up on the subcutaneous tissue to help prevent bleeding or medicine leakage.

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Whether you’re receiving IM injections, Botox, CoolSculpting, or another nonsurgical treatment, you couldn’t be in better hands than with Dr. Basile and his team. As a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, he has years of experience providing patients with the medical and aesthetic care they need.

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