Otoplasty in Jacksonville | Ear Surgery in Florida

Are your ears large, disproportional, or do they protrude out leaving you self-conscious? Dr. Basile can help!

About Otoplasty or Ear Surgery

Ear surgery can fix the size, shape, position or proportion of your ears. Common cases that Dr. Basile sees are those with uneven or oversized ears.

Am I a good candidate?

Otoplasty is a procedure that is commonly performed on children due to the negative impacts of bullying and teasing at such a young age. Ears reach full size at the age of six, making it a procedure that will help improve self-esteem for the rest of their lives. You must be in good general health and a non-smoker to be considered for an Otoplasty procedure.

How is an Otoplasty procedure performed?

Depending on your desired results, your Otoplasty procedure will vary. In the case of ear size reduction, incisions are made in the back to remove skin and pin the ear back. The cartilage can be reshaped to allow a flatter lying ear closer to your head.

Results and Recovery

During recovery, Dr. Basile recommends that you keep your head elevated and to take care to keep your head straight to avoid pressure on the surgical area when resting. You should expect one week of downtime before returning to work, but results will vary and some patients may require additional time.

Your Consultation in Jacksonville, Florida

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