Brow Lift in Jacksonville | Saggy Brow in Florida

A sagging brow can not only make you look older, but grumpy and even unapproachable. A brow lift can smooth and lift your forehead and brow for a softer, more youthful look.

About Brow lifts

A brow lift procedure can make you look more alert and even more friendly! The procedure lifts the sagging brow and smooths creases on your forehead to remove furrows and frown lines.

Am I a good candidate?

Ideal candidates will have unwanted sagging skin on their brow. Healthy, non-smokers with realistic expectations for the outcome of their surgery often see the best results. A consultation with Dr. Basile can help to best determine if this procedure is a good match for you.

How is a Brow Lift procedure performed?

A brow lift can be performed in several different ways. Dr. Basile is a specialist in performing a minimally-invasive or endoscopic brow lift, where through several small incisions hidden in the hair he can introduce small instruments and perform the surgery on a computer monitor. Other methods of brow lifting include, using the incision made during an upper eyelid lift or the more traditional coronal incision placed within the scalp itself. The goal of these techniques is to restore the eye brows to their correct anatomical position allowing for an improved aesthetic appearance and improving visual field defects.

Results and Recovery

Patients do not typically experience pain following a brow lift, however, you may feel tension and pulling on your forehead and around your ears. You may also have some bruising, but this will quickly subside as you progress in recovery. Dr. Basile will schedule a follow-up appointment with you to remove sutures or staples that were necessary during your procedure. Expect to take one week away from work and two weeks away from strenuous activity.

Your Consultation in Jacksonville, Florida

For long lasting relief from a furrowed, saggy brow, schedule your consultation with Dr. Basile in Jacksonville, Florida today!

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