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Are you considering lip augmentation, but don’t want to undergo extensive surgery? Do you want a natural-looking enhancement as opposed to tons of added volume? Juvéderm Volbella may be right for you! We offer Volbella as a way to enhance your lips and balance your features here at Basile Plastic Surgery.

About Juvéderm Volbella

Volbella is a Juvéderm product that adds natural volume to your lips and can decrease the appearance of lines and wrinkles surrounding your mouth. Volbella is a thinner gel designed specifically to plump the lips and other delicate facial tissues while still allowing for natural facial movements. This dermal filler is an FDA-approved product that uses hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance that moisturizes the skin and adds volume. Hyaluronic acid fillers are used to fill in fine lines and wrinkles on various areas of the face – most notably, the lips. Juvéderm offers different dermal filler formulations designed for specific treatment areas.

Am I a Good Candidate?

If you would like a subtle, natural-looking enhancement to your lips or reduce the appearance of vertical lip lines, you may be a good candidate for Volbella. You also must be 21 years or older, in good health, and a non-smoker. Volbella and other non-surgical dermal filler injections can also be used to smooth marionette lines, nasolabial folds (smile lines), vertical lines above the lips (perioral lines), and other facial wrinkles. Dr. Basile will help you determine the best Juvéderm product for your unique cosmetic needs.

How are Juvéderm Volbella injections performed?

Dr. Basile will first apply a numbing agent to the injection site to ensure minimal pain during the injection. He will then carefully inject the product into your lips. The hyaluronic acid will increase lip fullness and the facial volume around the lips. Results from Juvéderm treatments can be seen almost immediately! Once you’ve achieved your ideal look, Dr. Basile will discuss your aftercare steps and you can return home.

Results and Recovery

Some side effects of Juvéderm Volbella injectable fillers include itchiness, redness, swelling, and possible bumps. These typically subside within a few days, along with any bruising. Despite this, you can return to your daily schedule with slight restrictions given by Dr. Basile. It can take one to two weeks for your final results to settle in. The results of Juvéderm Volbella typically last up to one year.

Why Basile Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgeons such as Dr. Basile are often the best choice for injectable treatments because of their deep understanding of facial aesthetics. Dr. Basile can create your ideal look and ensure a safe and effective procedure with his extensive medical knowledge. We offer a friendly and professional experience with Juvéderm fillers at our Jacksonville Beach clinic and med spa.

Your Consultation in Jacksonville, Florida

If you wish to smooth lines around your mouth and have a subtle enhancement to your lips, schedule your consultation with Dr. Basile today! Juvéderm Volbella in Jacksonville Beach will enhance your youthful appearance and help you achieve beautifully plumped lips.

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