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Dr. Basile is noticing more and more men seeking tighter, younger looking skin, but they don’t want the intensive downtime and invasive surgeries. In many cases, the desired results cannot be achieved with even the best of skin rejuvenation creams. At Dr. Basile’s office, we recommend ThermiTight.

About ThermiTight

ThermiTight is a non-surgical, non-invasive solution that can tighten the skin and remove sagging and wrinkles. It can be used to melt away your fat cells and tighten the drooping skin. It can target crow’s feet, forehead lines, lines around your mouth and sagging jowls.

Am I a good candidate?

If you are experiencing sagging or wrinkles on your face and jowls or would like a touch up to your Face Lift, you may be a great candidate for ThermiTight. After a consultation with Dr. Basile, we can recommend the right solution based on your goals.

How is ThermiTight performed?

ThermiTight works by using a controlled heating technique to target deep within the skin. Using the Thermi system and small probe, Dr. Basile will emit radio frequency energy to heat the internal tissues. The procedure should last for less than one hour.

Results and Recovery

Since the treatment aims to stimulate new collagen production, you will see natural, continually improving results within one year. These results will last up to five years and will result in no scarring. Aside from slight bruising, most patients are up and running within a single day.

Your Consultation in Jacksonville, Florida

If you want to tighten and smooth your facial wrinkles, but without the invasive procedures, ThermiTight is one of the most popular solutions we’re recommending for men today. To see if ThermiTight can help you reach your aesthetic goals, schedule your consultation with Dr. Basile in Jacksonville, Florida today!

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