Do you have sagging jowls and skin around your neck that makes you look older than you feel? ThermiTight can help you tighten your jowls and neck without an intensive surgery and downtime.

About ThermiTight

As you age, jowls and sagging in your face and neck can form over time due to the gravitational pull of the skin or age-related laxity, genetics, sun damage, and weight loss. ThermiTight targets these areas by smoothing and tightening the loose skin. This procedure is non-invasive, therefore you can achieve your results without the fear of scarring.

Am I a good candidate?

If you are experiencing sagging neck, jowls, or in your face, ThermiTight you may be a good candidate for ThermiTight. Candidates who have also undergone a FaceLift surgery may also use ThermiTight to enhance their results.

How is a ThermiTight procedure performed?

ThermiTight uses their SmartTip needle to carefully heat your tissues to a temperature that is carefully selected by Dr. Basile based on your needs. This process is also called “controlled subdermal tissue heating” that is used to smooth lines and wrinkles causing a sagging neck and jowls. A ThermiTight treatment takes approximately one hour to perform.

Results and Recovery

Results from ThermiTight can be seen immediately after your procedure and last from three to five years. You should expect minimal scarring, swelling, and bruising with little to no downtime. Our patients often return to work the following day.

Your consultation in Jacksonville, Florida

If you’re feeling down in the dumps about signs of aging on your face, Dr. Basile may have just the right solution for you. Schedule your consultation in Jacksonville, Florida today.

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