What is Hydrabody?

The Hydrabody treatment employs cutting-edge Hydrafacial technology to treat the skin on the body. With the Hydrabody treatment, you can enjoy a Hydrafacial glow on almost any area of your body.

The Hydrabody treatment can be used on the following areas:

  • Decollete
  • Arms
  • Hands
  • Back
  • Legs
  • Bum

Who is a Candidate for Hydrabody?

Healthy individuals who are looking to address common skin concerns such as dullness, dryness, uneven tone, fine lines and wrinkles, congested pores, and more on their body can often benefit from Hydrabody. However, we may recommend a different treatment or ask you to wait to undergo this treatment if you have an active skin infection, rash, rosacea, or sunburn in the treatment area. A consultation with our Master Medical Aesthetician is the best way to determine if this treatment can be beneficial to you.

How is Hydrabody Treatment Performed?

The Hydrabody treatment consists of three steps. Using the Hydrafacial device, Vortex Fusion Technology works like a vacuum to penetrate inner pores and increase treatment effectiveness.

Step 1: The skin is deeply cleansed and exfoliated using a gentle peel to uncover a new layer of skin.

Step 2: Impurities are extracted from pores with gentle suction.

Step 3: The skin’s surface is saturated with intense moisturizers and personalized ingredients. Ask about our offered boosters to help hydrate, rejuvenate, and plump the skin.

Results and Recovery

Like Hydrafacial treatments, there is no downtime needed following a Hydrabody treatment.  You can feel free to return to your daily routine as soon as treatment is finished. The skin in the treatment area should look and feel smoother, healthier, and rejuvenated.

To maintain results, we recommend that patients receive a Hydrabody treatment every four to six weeks.

Why Basile Plastic Surgery?

At Basile Plastic Surgery & Wellness, we are dedicated to providing beautiful, natural-looking results. Led by our Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Basile, our team of skincare specialists is here to help you look and feel your absolute best.

Hydrabody in Jacksonville Beach, Florida

To learn more about Hydrabody treatments and how they may benefit you, please contact our practice in Jacksonville Beach, FL today. A consultation is the first step toward healthy, glowing skin.

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