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Although breast augmentations are the most commonly performed surgery among plastic surgeons, the procedure does not come without the possibility of complications. Dr. Basile’s years of experience make him a trusted surgeon that can correct your breasts and help you achieve or restore the shape, feel and look you’ve wanted since the very beginning.

About Breast Revision

In addition to breast augmentation complications, revisions may be necessary if your implants leak, if they have altered due to weight loss or gain, you became pregnant causing changes, if they have shifted over time or if you would like to increase or decrease in size. A Breast Revision procedure is beneficial for you in several ways as the results of a breast augment aren’t permanent and can help you maintain your desired shape and volume.

Am I a good candidate?

Breast Revision candidates are those who are unhappy with the current look of their breast augment due to many factors and want the augment corrected. Candidates must be non-smokers and in good health to undergo this procedure.

How is a Breast Revisions procedure performed?

As mentioned, a Breast Revision procedure may be desired for many different reasons, therefore, procedures vary patient to patient. Here is a quick list of the procedures commonly performed with a Breast Revision:

  • Capsular contracture: meaning hardening of the implant or capsule. In many cases, Dr. Basile will use the same incision to remove and replace the new implant.
  • Change in size: requires alteration of the size of pocket to accommodate the new implant. Dr. Basile will make it larger or smaller as necessary and may couple this procedure with a breast lift if necessary.
  • Rippling: this may be fixed by repositioning the implant or completely changing the type of implant you currently have. Dr. Basile can move the implant to an area with thicker muscle coverage to reduce the possibility of future visible rippling.
  • Position correction: if the pocket was originally placed too far apart or too close together, your implant may have shifted over time. Dr. Basile will use suture technique to reconstruct the pocket and properly support the implant.
  • Complete removal: Dr. Basile may recommend complete removal if you had extremely large implants which have caused the skin to stretch and sag. Your initial incision can be used for this procedure.
  • Repositioning of the areola: additional incisions as well as lifting and tightening may be necessary to reposition the nipple. This procedure will vary based on the amount of excess skin and the current position of the nipple.

Results and Recovery

As you can see, many Breast Revision procedures can be performed using the incision from the original augment, preventing further scarring. Patients find that recovery length and comfort level is very similar to their initial breast augment. Dr. Basile will give you a compression bra to wear for the first week. During this time, you should remain on bed rest for best recovery outcome.  Most swelling and pain resides within one month.

Your Consultation in Jacksonville, Florida

Dr. Basile wants you to feel happy and confident with your breast augment. After a detailed consultation, he can provide the best recommendation for revision to give you the results you desire. Schedule your consultation today in Jacksonville, Florida to bring you one step closer to your perfect breasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

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