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Do you want a flat, toned tummy, but diet and exercise just can’t eliminate the excess flab? If you’re looking to have a silhouette that makes you feel confident, a tummy tuck may be right for you.

About a Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck surgery, also known as abdominoplasty, removes sagging, excess fat and skin as well as tightens the abdominal muscles for a tighter, better contour to your tummy. A tummy tuck can be performed alone or can be used with another recontouring procedure such as liposuction or a mommy makeover.

Am I a good candidate?

Typical candidates for a tummy tuck procedure are those with loose, sagging skin and/or lax abdominal muscles who wish to have a flatter tummy. Typical patients have excess skin or weakened abdominal muscles due to aging, heredity, pregnancy and weight loss. In most cases, candidates for tummy tuck surgeries have tried to rid their body of the excess “pooch”, but it is resistant to exercise.

How is a Tummy Tuck procedure performed?

A tummy tuck procedure is performed by removing loose skin and tightening the ab muscles. To better understand your specific procedure and outcome, you may want to be aware of the three types of tummy tuck options. After a consultation with Dr. Basile, you will have a better understanding of which tummy tuck procedure is best for your aesthetic goals.

Mini Tummy Tuck

For patients with a small “pooch” or loose skin around the lower belly, you may require a smaller surgical procedure called a mini tummy tuck. Here, Dr. Basile will make a single, small incision hidden below the bikini line, remove excess skin and tighten the abdominal area for a smoother, toned look. This procedure is less extensive and, therefore, requires less downtime.

Traditional Tummy Tuck

Traditional tummy tuck procedures are for patients with excess flab and skin along the entire frontal tummy area extending above and below the belly button. This procedure requires removal of excess skin and tightening of the abdominal muscles. It may also require repositioning of the naval with new placement of the skin. This incision also runs along the bikini line, but extends from hip bone to hip bone.

Extended Tummy Tuck

The extended tummy tuck is similar to a traditional where it targets the entire frontal area of the abdomen, but also extends to the lower back area. This incision will run past the hip bones and will require repositioning of the naval. As an added bonus, an extended tummy tuck may also assist in diminishing the appearance of stretch marks!

Results and Recovery

Regardless of which procedure you qualify for, Dr. Basile aims to place incisions in areas that can be concealed within the natural contours of the body and below the bikini line. As mentioned, recovery will vary from 2-4 weeks of downtime, however, it is best to have a friend or loved one available to you during your downtime to assist you with your needs as you recover and the pain subsides. During recovery, you might be instructed to wear a compression garment to minimize swelling. You might experience some discomfort that can be controlled with medication prescribed by Dr. Basile. Most patients take some time off work to recover at home. You will also need to follow some physical restrictions, especially those that put strain on the abdominal area.

It can be difficult to visualize your actual results from your tummy tuck procedure because of swelling during recovery. As swelling goes down over the next few weeks, you can begin to see your true result. You can expect a flatter stomach and more toned abdominal. Although the results of your tummy tuck are permanent, you should still avoid weight gain to maintain your results. You can do this by maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Your Consultation in Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Patients of Dr. Basile rave about their new, contoured figure. In aiming for results that accentuate your body’s natural contour, Dr. Basile is a trusted, board-certified plastic surgeon that can help you reach your aesthetic goals. To see your options for a tummy tuck, schedule your consultation with Dr. Basile in Jacksonville Beach, Florida today!

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