The Many Benefits of ThermiSmooth® -

The Many Benefits of ThermiSmooth®

Posted on August 8, 2019 under Plastic Surgery

There are many benefits associated with getting older. Most people tend to feel a greater level of confidence that comes with maturity and wisdom. However, there are some aspects of aging that can be difficult, such as wrinkles, cellulite, and sagging skin. Fortunately, surgery isn’t your only option. ThermiSmooth can rejuvenate the face and body so that you’re able to look and feel your best without downtime. Here’s what to know about this non-surgical option and its benefits. 

Non-Invasive Treatment

Many people who begin to see signs of aging think they are resigned to undergoing a facelift. While this was the primary option for a long time, there are now many non-surgical alternatives on the market. Those who choose ThermiSmooth often do so because it’s a non-invasive treatment that provides an effective way to achieve your anti-aging goals. This breakthrough technology involves the use of radiofrequency energy to heat the skin. When the skin is heated,  the underlying collagen matrix shrinks and contracts, causing the skin to become tighter and smoother. Tighter and smoother skin can mean a reduction in wrinkles, cellulite, and overall hollowness.

How ThermiSmooth Works

ThermiSmooth is a procedure performed in our office and begins with a gel being applied to the treatment areas. Your technician will establish the appropriate temperature for the procedure based on a variety of different factors. Although a small wand is used in many cases to administer the radiofrequency energy to your treatment areas, a larger wand can be used to treat a wider area at one time. The procedure is not painful and simply includes a warm, comfortable feeling while your collagen is being stimulated and the skin tightened. 

In most instances, ThermiSmooth takes about 30 minutes to complete. However, it can take longer for procedures that involve a larger treatment area. There is a possibility that you’ll need more than one treatment to achieve your desired results. This usually takes place over a period of weeks. Each patient is unique, however, and your ideal treatment plan will be discussed during your consultation with Dr. Basile and our technicians. After achieving your ideal results, you may need to return for maintenance treatments once or twice per year.

The Safety of ThermiSmooth 

Another benefit of ThermiSmooth is that it does not have the risks that are associated with many surgical procedures, such as discomfort or complications like infection. Although ThermiSmooth can produce a little swelling and redness, it’s minor. It also usually subsides within a day or so, meaning you can get right back to your regular schedule.

Returning to Work

One of the biggest benefits of ThermiSmooth is that there is no downtime. In fact, there isn’t any preparation required either. After ThermiSmooth, you can return to your work or any other activities you have planned. In fact, ThermiSmooth is known as a ‘lunch hour procedure’ since you can return to work afterwards without worry. Although you may see some redness, this can easily be concealed with cosmetics or your wardrobe. 

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