What You Need to Know About IV Therapy -

What You Need to Know About IV Therapy

Posted on February 10, 2021 under Non-Invasive

Intravenous therapy has been a regular procedure in hospitals for several decades. Doctors have used it to alleviate dehydration and introduce nutrients into the body. Researches indicate that intravenous therapy has become popular in recent years. Private health institutions and delivery clinics across the world have started using the technology.

The treatment procedure plays a fundamental role in re-hydrating patients, helping them regain body strength. Nevertheless, your body requires other essential nutrients on top of the water to be completely healthy.

Understanding Intravenous Therapy

With intravenous therapy, doctors introduce essential nutrients and fluids into a patient’s body through the veins. It is the fastest treatment procedure as the nutrients get into the body directly, allowing the system to start using them in real-time.

Generally, when we take nutrients orally, we miss on some benefits. That is because of various biological factors. They include the inefficiency of the body system to process and absorb nutrients.

IV therapy has proven to overcome such limitations. The procedure allows the body to receive all the necessary nutrients, maximizing its viability. That way, a patient is sure to earn all nutritional benefits and get value for their money.

Reasons for Using Intravenous Therapy

For your body to stay at its utmost functioning capacity, a sufficient supply of nutrients is an essential factor. You can take supplements and vitamins in accordance with your dietary needs, or you could try IV therapy every couple of months. The use of IV therapy is proven to boost your health in much the same way individual supplements can. You can enhance your body’s immunity, eradicate stress, reduce anxiety, and improve metabolism all through different IV therapy strains. The correct concoction for your specific needs can be discussed with a doctor experienced in the treatments, like our highly trained staff at Patrick L Basile, MD.

Types of Vitamins that IV Treatment May Include

Whenever necessary, the doctors may customize intravenous therapy according to an individual’s body. Therapists prepare a drip that can meet the requirements of a particular patient. The procedure includes introducing vitamins to aid in replenishing your body’s nutrients. They will almost always include two key components.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C ranks among the essential nutrients, which your body needs to operate appropriately. An insufficient amount of Vitamin C can cause illnesses such as scurvy. The IV helps introduce this critical element into the body, adding valuable benefits like improved immunity, reduced fatigue, and enriched skin.


Glutathione is a fundamental ingredient in IV therapy. When added into the process, it eradicates contaminants from the body. That way, the treatment yields better results than when Glutathione is absent. What more, the ingredient can enhance your energy levels and boost your immunity.

The IV Therapy Procedure

Intravenous treatment is a relatively painless process, no more than a prick of a needle, and is safe and for almost everyone. According to researchers, most individuals experience a very little reaction during or following IV therapy. However, you may encounter a freezing sensation. Luckily, the treatment does not cause any side effects.

Patrick L. Basile, MD, Plastic Surgery & Wellness offers a stress-free procedure for individuals seeking intravenous therapy services. If you suffer any allergies, mention it to the provider in charge before the treatment commences. Your provider will also need to know everything about your medical history in order for them to help serve you better.

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