Is CoolSculpting® Right for Me? -

Is CoolSculpting® Right for Me?

Posted on September 12, 2019 under Plastic Surgery

Whether you’re looking to put the finishing touches on your new body or are just looking for a way to bust up stubborn pockets of fat you’ve been carrying around, you’ve probably considered your options. Fortunately, liposuction is no longer the prime option on the market. CoolSculpting® has become the treatment option of choice for many patients for its lack of downtime, great results, and easy treatment sessions. If you’re looking for effective fat reduction, then here’s what to consider.

You have pinchable fat

Certain areas will respond best to CoolSculpting, and these usually have pinchable inches of fat. Some of the most common treatment areas are where your body clings to fat even with the most rigorous weight loss regimens. These are areas like the chin, abdomen, thighs, arms, and back. However, too much fat in these areas can mean you’ll need additional treatments that may not be effective enough at producing the contours you’re hoping for. If there’s too little fat, you won’t find much improvement and your technician may have difficulty making the handpieces work with your treatment areas.

You’ve got healthy habits

Although this is the same case as liposuction, it’s worth saying here. The best way to make sure your CoolSculpting investment lasts is through living a healthy lifestyle so you don’t lose your great results. If you’re prone to weight fluctuation or haven’t yet reached or maintained your goal weight, you may want to hold off on CoolSculpting for the time being.

You’re okay with gradual results

Good things come to those who wait. You’ve likely experienced this in your weight loss journey as you see your body transform over the months and years. This is the same case with CoolSculpting— with a few treatment sessions spaced a few weeks apart, you’ll see even further transformation as time goes on and your contours emerge. The tradeoff is that CoolSculpting requires no downtime so you can return to your regular schedule immediately versus liposuction, which produces immediate results with a few days’ rest.

You want to lose inches, not pounds

CoolSculpting isn’t a weight loss solution, but can rather help refine the great figure you’ve already achieved. This can be helpful when you reach your weight loss goals and still have pockets of pudge that don’t respond to your best tactics. CoolSculpting can help shrink these areas with targeted treatment rather than lower the number you see on the scale.

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