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If I get a Mommy Makeover How Long until I’m Bikini Ready?

Posted on November 26, 2019 under Plastic Surgery

Having a baby can be an exciting time, but it comes with a lot of things to keep track of. Likely, your diet and exercise regimen falls by the wayside while you navigate your new life. For many moms, it can be frustrating when you stop to rest and realize your body isn’t what you hoped it would be postpartum. You’re not alone in your struggle to reclaim your body after childbearing, and one popular option to get the transformative results you want is through a mommy makeover procedure. With such great results, it’s common to want to show off the new you, but it’s important to know what to expect after your surgery.

What is a mommy makeover?

A mommy makeover is a suite of surgical procedures that aims to rejuvenate and repair the areas normally impacted by pregnancy and childbirth. These areas are commonly the breasts and abdomen, although some women opt to also address the vaginal region and stubborn fat pockets. The greatest benefit of a mommy makeover is that these procedures can be performed in one surgical session, so you only require one period of downtime.

What is recovery like?

Recovery from a mommy makeover can take longer than most plastic surgery procedures because it addresses multiple areas at once. This means you should count on several weeks to give your body the chance to heal fully before you go back to your regular schedule. You’ll need to avoid certain activities like lifting or straining in the meantime, so you should account for things like child- and pet-care. You should also plan on getting plenty of rest and managing things like pain medications and drains.

How long until I’m bikini-ready?

Since the mommy makeover can take a long time for recovery, you should count on at least a few months before showing off. This can depend on factors like your rate of healing and how closely you follow your aftercare instructions, as well as which procedures you opt for. With procedures like liposuction or breast lift, it can take a up to six months for swelling to fully subside. This means your results will continue to refine and improve the longer you wait. Be sure to follow Dr. Basile’s instructions so you can enjoy your results for the long term!

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A mommy makeover can be a life-changing procedure if you’re looking to rejuvenate your body and feel confident in the way you look again. To learn more about your options and get started on planning your ideal mommy makeover, contact our Jacksonville Beach office by calling or filling out our online form.

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