Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon for You -

Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon for You

Posted on April 18, 2020 under Plastic Surgery

If you’ve been considering plastic surgery, then you likely already have an idea of which procedures you’re interested in. But whether you’re considering surgeries like a tummy tuck or facelift, or only minimally invasive procedures, the most important decision you’ll make is your plastic surgeon. Plastic surgery, no matter how minimally-invasive, is still surgery. As such, you should find the best plastic surgeon for you and your goals so you can guarantee great results. Dr. Patrick Basile is an accredited, experienced plastic surgeon serving you from Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Here are four things to consider when searching for a plastic surgeon in your area before you go under the knife.


All practicing plastic surgeons should be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery after completing medical school and then subsequent residency. Verifying board certification means your plastic surgeon has not only completed the educational requirements, but also the mandatory number of cosmetic procedures as well. You should never undergo surgery by a doctor who is not licensed in the state where you reside and by the appropriate medical boards. This can be a huge risk to both your health and your budget if you have complications during or after surgery.


You’ll need to consider how long your plastic surgeon has been in practice. Most plastic surgeons who run their own practices have been out of school for over 10 years and have been producing excellent results ever since. That’s not to say that a plastic surgeon who recently completed residency isn’t a good fit. However, with time comes wisdom, so especially for more complex cosmetic procedures, it’s better to choose a surgeon who has extensive experience in the field– and a good reputation in your area and among other plastic surgeons.

Bedside Manner

How you feel when you’re in the room with your plastic surgeon should also be a determining factor. If you feel uncomfortable or like they’re not really listening, you may want to continue your search. Cosmetic surgery is a big deal, so you should feel confident, safe, and free to ask questions without feeling awkward or pressured. If your plastic surgeon makes you feel uncomfortable even when you’re face-to-face, then you definitely shouldn’t trust them to perform surgery on you! Even with a waiting room full of patients, your plastic surgeon should make you feel like you have their undivided attention.

Eye for Aesthetics

In addition to having stellar credentials and broad-based knowledge of cosmetic procedures, your plastic surgeon also needs to have a keen eye for aesthetics. Everyone’s body, as well as their goals, are different, so the plastic surgeon you ultimately choose must be able to see you as an individual, not just another procedure to perform. Inquire about how they see you and the results you’re hoping to achieve. While they may have a slightly different opinion, their ideas should be comparable to yours. Also, view their before-and-after gallery of procedures they commonly perform. If the results all seem to look similar or don’t suit the person, it’s likely that this plastic surgeon doesn’t excel at working with different body types or translating their techniques to different individuals.

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Choosing to have plastic surgery should never be a quick decision. Although it might take time, the end result is worth it with the right plastic surgeon. To meet with Dr. Basile and discuss your options for your chosen procedure, we invite you to contact our Jacksonville Beach office by calling or filling out our online form.

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