5 Frequently Asked Questions About miraDry® -

5 Frequently Asked Questions About miraDry®

Posted on July 19, 2019 under Plastic Surgery

If you experience excessive sweating, then it’s likely that you’ve tried a few different options. Although certain medications or antiperspirants can work well for some patients, others need heftier treatment options. MiraDry® is one option that can produce significant reduction in sweat with just a few treatments. Whether you’ve heard of miraDry or not, you probably have some questions about treatment and how it works. Here are some common questions we hear from patients about this life-changing treatment.

How does it stop me from sweating?

MiraDry works by sending controlled electromagnetic energy to the sweat glands of the underarms, generating gentle heat which damages and eliminates the sweat and odor glands. They don’t return, meaning you can achieve long-term results. In some clinical studies, this produced as much as 80% reduction in sweat and odor.

Aren’t sweat glands important?

Yes. Sweat glands serve an important purpose in keeping your body cool and regulated, so there are millions of sweat glands all over your body. In some patients, sweat glands in the underarms can become overactive and lead to excessive sweating. However, these underarm glands are only a small percentage of the total amount and can be safely eliminated while still retaining your body’s ability to sweat in other areas. Treating underarm sweat glands with miraDry simply means that sweat will no longer accumulate in the same area because of overactivity.

Does it hurt?

Although the underarms can be a sensitive area, there’s virtually no pain associated with miraDry. During treatment, a specialized handpiece suctions the skin closer so that the electromagnetic energy can more easily reach the skin. This process generates gentle heat and takes only about one hour for treatment. Afterwards, you can return to your regular schedule.

Does insurance cover this treatment?

MiraDry is not normally covered by major insurance companies (although we always recommend patients double check!). However, many patients find miraDry very affordable because only a couple treatment sessions are needed. You’ll receive a full estimate of your costs during a consultation with Dr. Basile.

How do I know if I have excessive sweating?

This condition is termed hyperhidrosis and it can be very disruptive of your quality of life. There are a couple different types which can be diagnosed with factors like whether your sweating is symmetrical, whether it impairs your daily life, its frequency, onset, and whether it stops when you sleep. Hyperhidrosis can affect areas other than the underarms as well, although miraDry is best for this type of excessive sweating. The best way to determine whether you have hyperhidrosis is through your primary physician. You can learn more about excessive sweating and its treatments from the International Hyperhidrosis Society.

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