5 Areas Where CoolSculpting Works Better Than Liposuction -

5 Areas Where CoolSculpting Works Better Than Liposuction

Posted on March 12, 2019 under Non-Invasive

CoolSculpting is the latest cosmetic procedure that’s exciting patients around the world. This outpatient procedure involves a panel with a cooling mechanism. Your doctor holds the panel against certain body areas, such as the abdomen. The cooling process impacts the fat cells, which causes them to freeze and die. Your natural waste systems remove the fat for you over the next few months. Dr. Basile suggests that you should consider CoolSculpting over liposuction when it comes to specific areas. Explore the 5 areas CoolSculpting works better than liposuction right now.

Double Chin

A double chin impacts how your profile looks to everyone you meet. This issue doesn’t just arise in patients who are overweight either. As you age, stubborn fat can develop in the area and be difficult to remove with diet and exercise alone.

Removing the double chin with liposuction may not be necessary. There’s no reason to involve an invasive procedure on such a small area. CoolSculpting works wonders because a smaller CoolSculpting device can fit right into the chin area. It simply takes a few weeks to see the results in the mirror.

Upper Section of Inner Thighs

The shape of your inner thighs is a major part of your entire look. Unusually, shaped thighs stand out as you walk down the street, for instance. Liposuction isn’t the greatest choice in this area because of the incision points and suturing styles. The shape may not be what you desire.

CoolSculpting offers you a shapely alternative. The cooling device provides a balanced decline to the fatty tissue. It breaks down at a harmonious rate. As a result, the thighs lose their thickness with an attractive appearance throughout the evolving process.

Mid-Back Fat

For women, fat concentrated along the mid-back is a frustration. It looks like a perfect, horizontal line where the bra strap resides. The rest of the back may have an attractive appearance. As a result, women opt for procedures on this mid-back fat.

CoolSculpting is the clear winner for this area because it’s only about two or three inches wide. Performing an incision on this area is too invasive. CoolSculpting can be used in this area to freeze and destroy the fat cells.

Armpit Fat

Lift your arm, and then drop it back down. Armpit fat is an annoyance for almost any person. Removing this fat with CoolSculpting is the best way to treat it. The device fits almost like a glove in this area. Without any incisions, the patient is comfortable as the fat slowly breaks down.

Some patients combine the armpit and mid-back procedures together. They’re relatively close in proximity to each other. CoolSculpting may be the smartest choice to treat these areas without surgery. Removing any invasive work from the body only makes recovery easier than ever before.

Under-Buttock Fat

Using liposuction just underneath the buttock on the back of the leg poses certain challenges. The fat may be simple to remove in this area, but the skin’s texture becomes a concern. There must be incisions and tucking involved.

The best solution is CoolSculpting. The device can cover the area in question without impacting the skin’s flexibility. As the fatty tissue declines, the skin will naturally tighten against the body. Performing liposuction, in this case, will only create new problems that must be refined with invasive maneuvers.

Contact Dr. Basile today at 904-701-1927 for your consultation. The top 5 areas CoolSculpting works better than liposuction are just the start of our available services. See how you can look and feel better today. Freezing the fat is the latest way that cosmetic procedures are advancing the industry.

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