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What to Expect for Your Breast Implant Removal

Breast implant removal surgery is exactly as it sounds: it’s a procedure performed when you no longer want your breast implants. This procedure changes the results of the breast augmentation you previously had. In choosing breast implant removal, some patients simply no longer wish to have implants while others replace theirs with a new shape


Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon for You

If you’ve been considering plastic surgery, then you likely already have an idea of which procedures you’re interested in. But whether you’re considering surgeries like a tummy tuck or facelift, or only minimally invasive procedures, the most important decision you’ll make is your plastic surgeon. Plastic surgery, no matter how minimally-invasive, is still surgery. As


The Different Types of Fillers

When looking for a minimally-invasive cosmetic rejuvenation treatment, there are a few options based on your needs and area of treatment. Dr. Basile offers a range of injectable dermal fillers for patients wishing for a refreshed appearance.  What Are Dermal Fillers? Fillers are used to fill in areas that you want to plump up and


Dr. Basile’s Response to COVID-19

At Basile Plastic Surgery & Wellness, we are taking the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) seriously. We want to respect the recommendations on confinement, while following state and federal recommendations, however, we will take extra precaution in planning our schedules to keep a low volume in our office at any given time, screening patients and thoroughly sanitizing. Furthermore, none


CoolSculpting vs Liposuction: What’s the Difference?

Health and wellness go hand-in-hand, and living your best life is something that everyone should strive for. Unfortunately, life tends to throw us all a few curveballs from time to time. This can come in the form of stubborn fat that doesn’t respond to even our best diet and exercise efforts. Fortunately, there are more


Is a Tummy Tuck Right For Me?

Sometimes, due to weight loss or pregnancy, we can see excess skin and fat in the abdominal area. Diet and exercise may not fully resolve the issue. As a result, medical intervention may be needed. To achieve a slim, toned abdomen a tummy tuck procedure can be done.  What Is A Tummy Tuck? A tummy tuck,


5 Benefits of miraDry

It can be embarrassing to sweat. It can be particularly embarrassing to sweat profusely. If you’re someone who sweats to an immoderate degree, however, you don’t have to feel hopeless. That’s because there are a few aesthetic treatments that can be life-changing options for people who suffer from the stresses of inordinate underarm sweating. If


Breast Implants: Silicone Vs. Saline

In years past, there were very few options for patients looking to get breast implants. As implant materials have evolved and become safer, however, you now have more options than ever. If you’re planning to have breast enhancement surgery, you’ll face the choice of saline versus silicone implants. This can be a tough choice, so


How Many CoolSculpting Treatments are Necessary?

CoolSculpting is a great option if you have a problem with stubborn fat that refuses to disappear through dieting and exercise alone. CoolSculpting is a cosmetic treatment that is non-invasive and highly successful at getting rid of pockets of stubborn fat on the body. The treatment involves freezing and destroying the fat cells, which are


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