Sarah Sidrys, RN -

Sarah Sidrys, RN

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Sarah is our Clinical Nurse and Pre-Operative Nurse! She sees our patients for their pre-op appointments and also sees patients post-op. She brings her compassionate and calming nature to the practice, as well as her love for helping others achieve their personal wellness goals.

Sarah has earned two Bachelor’s of Science Degrees, one in Social Work and one in Nursing with Honors. She has been with the practice from the beginning and her experience in nursing spans 14 years in Medical-Surgical Nursing as well as in Pediatrics and Community Health Nursing. She is always eager to learn and continues to further her knowledge of plastic surgery through various educational avenues.

When not at work, Sarah enjoys spending time with her husband, four children, dog and cats, and extended family. Fun fact: Sarah danced as a professional ballerina for The Alabama Ballet.

Sarah Sidrys, RN

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